Outstanding School Governor Award

We are delighted that our Chair of Governors Nicky Clarke was recognised for her outstanding work and has been awarded the 2015 Outstanding School Governor Award. Nicky received her award in recognition of her ongoing work as a governor.  I am certain parents would wish to join with me in thanking Nicky for her hard work and commitment to our school .

The Role of the Governor:

This information relates to the Ofsted criteria for leadership and management, specifically the governance of the school, assessing the extent to which the governing body:

Helps shape the vision and direction of the school

Ensures that the school fulfills its statutory duties, including promoting inclusive policies in relation to special educational needs, race equality, disability and sex

Has a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school

Challenges and supports the senior management team

Fulfills its statutory responsibilities and is able to account for the performance of the school.

The Strategic Role of the Governing Body:

The governing body has the responsibility, with the headteacher, for setting the aims and direction of the school. The School Development Plan will encompass these aims and this direction. Without a full involvement the governing body cannot be strategic.

Consider the aims and ethos of the school in the planning process

Have active involvement in the sketching out of plans and policies

Ensure the School Development Plan has short, medium, and long term objectives

Identify targets for the school

Consider options when making decisions

Know what is happening in the school

Keep aware of wider developments affecting education

The Role of the Governing Body as Critical Friend:

While fulfilling their Critical Friend role it is important that governors keep in mind their responsibility for the overall strategic direction of the school. They should avoid trying to be involved in the day to day management of the school which is the role of the Headteacher.

In this role the Governing Body:

Recognises and celebrates the achievements of the school

Knows where the school is not achieving as well as it could

Provides support and encouragement when strategies to bring about improvement are being explored

Strikes an appropriate balance between support and challenge.

The Governing Body Will:

Act as a team

Act as an ambassador for the school

Look for opportunities to offer praise and thanks

Celebrate the school’s successes

Look after the interests of the whole school and its community rather than separate individual interests

Recognise the importance of establishing and maintaining positive relationships with all members of the school community

The Governing Body as Critical Friend Must Also:

Ask “How can we help the school to improve?“

Ask for information from the Head, staff and others to help monitor progress

Ask the Head to justify the recommendations

Ask questions of the Head, staff and others to challenge and support

Have an agreed system to monitor the budget on a regular basis.


Governors – Term of Office: