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Schools are required to have a range of policies recommended by the Government’s Department for Education.  Some policies are mandatory whilst others are recommended and are good practice.

Policies are created in a number of ways. This would include considering the model policy put together by the local authority or regulatory bodies, by consultation with staff and parents/carers and students as appropriate and by discussion and ratification at Governor meetings.

Policies are reviewed on a regular basis and the updated versions will be added to the website.

School Website

If parents/carers require any aspects of the website provided in printed format please contact admin@barclay.herts.sch.uk

6th Form Study Programme Policy
Accessibility Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Behaviour Policy
BTEC Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Protection Safeguarding Policy
Disability Policy Exams
Emergency Evacuation Policy Exams
ESafety Policy
Exam Policy
Exam Access Arrangement Policy
Exam Contingency Policy
Freedom of Information Act Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Non-Examination Assessment Policy
Nutritional Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy
School Complaints Procedures
School Equality Policy And Objectives
Privacy Notice
Equal Opportunities Statement
Whistle Blowing Policy