Report on Pupil Premium Funding and Interventions

Children adopted from care under the Adoption and Children Act 2002  and children who have left care under a Special Guardianship or Residence Order £1,900

Children Looked After (CLA) –  £1,900

Service Children in Year groups reception to 11 recorded as Ever 4 Service Child or in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence £300

Breakdown of Pupil Premium Students by Year 2015-16 (September 2015)



 Three Year Analysis of the ‘Gap’

2015 data validated in December 2015.  The gap has closed in all the 4 measures noted above from the 2014 peformance.

 Catch Up Funding Premium



A proportion of the salary of the following staff members is covered by our PPG

Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Pupil Premium

Two Learning Support Assistants (numeracy and literacy)

Two Aspiration Champions

Interventions that took place in 2014 -15

Literacy and Numeracy

Identified students work with our numeracy and literacy Learning Support Assistant over a 6 week period to boost outcomes for the students in English and Maths. The 6 week programme starts with an assessment where areas for development are identified and then reassessed at the end to ensure impact of the teaching.

Lexia / Successmaker

Identified students attend lexia sessions and some attend numeracy successmaker sessions.

Catch-up Students

Receive extra numeracy and literacy sessions. The numeracy booster sessions take place over a two week intensive period based on a rota system

Method of Evaluation:

Baseline testing at start / reassessment at the end

Ongoing assessment during literacy and numeracy sessions

Work sampling

Data reported by staff during termly progress checks

Success Lounge

All KS3 pupil premium students invited to attend our Success Lounge after school where they can receive help with homework, numeracy or literacy skills.

Attendance at sessions

Data reported by staff during termly progress checks

Accelerated Reading Scheme

All Year 7 and 8 students participate in the Accelerated Reading programme.

Movement up the AR levels

Peer Reading Scheme

15 of our Year 7 literacy catch-up students (including PP students) take part in a peer reading scheme with Year 9 PP students one registration per week.

Movement up the AR levels

Improved confidence at reading

Improved English levels / data

Exchanging Excellence®: Closing Gaps – Phase 2 – numeracy programme

This programme involves 14 Year 7 students (including 13 PP students) taking part in a peer tutoring booster group for maths at our link primary school (Year 5 students)

Comparison of progress between booster group and other similar pupils

Progress check data

Questionnaire at the start and end to measure qualitative changes

Year 11 Maths Booster Sessions

C/D borderline PP students attending three booster sessions per week during registration with the Head of Maths.

On-going tests in lessons

Mock results / final results

Implementation of Whole School Strategies

PP focused learning walks, work scrutiny, use of effective feedback and assessment

Lesson observations

Work samples

Progress check data

Behaviour Outreach Support Programme

Students meet an outside agent to develop their ability to manage their behaviour, developing strategies to improve behaviour on a 1-1 basis

Attitude To Learning

Behaviour points

Able, Gifted and Talented

Our Able, Gifted and Talented co-ordinator meets Able, Gifted and Talented PP students to monitor their progress and set aspirational targets for improvement.

Attitude To Learning

Progress check data

Aspiration Champions

Identified students work with our aspiration champions to create aspiration action plans, organise Connexion meetings and monitor and evaluate the impact of the action plans.

Attitude to learning  / Attitude towards aspirations

Parent Engagement

Strategies include ringing and making parent evening appointments on line and sending these appointments home by post.

Attendance data from parent events


Monitor the attendance of key PP students.  To pilot a first day absence phone call with key students.

Attendance figures

Progress made in levels / data


PP students are supported with regards to trips and enrichment opportunities when necessary to enable them to undertake activities that they may not have done before.

Attendance at enrichment activities / on trips

Confident Teens Programme

Opportunity for 30 Year 9 girls (including PP students) to participate in a Confident Teens workshop focusing on

Better self understanding – to help them realise their talents and everything they have to offer

Exploring role models – setting goals to raise aspirations

Images in the media and how they are digitally altered – to demonstrate that what they are seeing isn’t real to help build their body confidence

Better communication – to help them express themselves more clearly through understanding assertive communication, and to think positively about themselves

Techniques for increasing confidence, including a visualisation exercise – to help them develop their self-belief

Questionnaire at end of workshop

Department Bids

Departments are being given the opportunity to bid for £200 of PPG to initiate a PP enrichment club or event (maximum of 5 departments) – received bids from Music, Food Tech and Science.

Attendance at sessions

Summer School

PP students given the opportunity to attend Summer School with the aim of developing literacy and numeracy skills, friendships prior to starting school in September and meeting members of staff.

Questionnaire during first term to establish if summer school had a positive impact on the students’ start at school

Year 10 Work Experience

To ensure that PP students experience a suitable placement in relation to their aspirations

Meaningful and suitable placement

Self-evaluation / evaluation by Work Experience establishment

KS3 – 4 Pathways / Transition

Year 9 students to be mentored by a member of staff during the options process to give advice and guidance

Suitable pathways available to all of our year 9 PP students


Supporting students with resources such as revision guides and text books

On-going tests in lessons

Mock results / final results

Power of Music Programme

A music programme that focuses upon students improving their behaviour, emotional and social behaviours. The programme involves 20 minutes of drumming in which students learn to play while also having a dialogue about barriers that are impacting on their attitude and behaviour within the school.

Attitude To Learning / behaviour points

Improved levels / confidence in Music lessons

Questionnaire before and after programme

Year 7 – Introduction of Healthy Minds – 4 Year Programme

All Year 7 students are taking part in the 4 year Healthy Minds programme during PSHE lessons. The first aspect of this is the Penn Resilience Programme.

Attitude To Learning

Behaviour points


African Percussion Workshop

Opportunity for students to participate in African percussion workshop

Assessment of Impact

An evaluation workbook is used to monitor the interventions of each individual PP student and the impact of these.

This is broadly divided into two areas:

Academic indicators: such as progress towards a target or an improvement in performance across weekly / half termly assessments.  This will measure the impact such as small group literacy and numeracy, booster sessions and other targeted literacy and numeracy strategies

Alternative indicators: such as attitude to learning, attendance, parent / carer attendance at events, improved confidence etc.  Case studies will be used to demonstrate these indicators.