A Level Results Update

Students Have Achieved 100% A* and A  In A-Level Further Maths.

The Barclay School is celebrating the best A level results for three years, showing significant improvement across all key performance indicators.

The overall pass rate for A level was 95%, with 70% achieving grades A* to C and 45% A* to B. Almost all students were thus able to access their choices for university.

This is particularly good news in the light of the national context of new A level courses and the focus on final exam performance.

There were a number of individual notable successes with Jordan Barber achieving A*AA to read Astrophysics. Jade Burroughes A*A* A* to read History, Lucy Brinkley ABB to read Politics, Tom Davies A*AB to read Maths. Ethan Murrill A*AA to read Engineering, Bethany Nobbs A*A* B to read Psychology, Charlie Powell A*A*B to read Aerospace Engineering, Caitlin Sharp A*BB to read English.

Notably, the Maths department are  celebrating 100% A* and A results for Further Maths.

Headteacher Mark Allchorn said:

“I’m delighted with the well earned success of all students at Barclay School. The individual results mean that students can move confidently to  the next stage of their career. I’m particularly proud that students have worked hard with the staff at Barclay to make the very most of all their opportunities in what has been a very challenging year.”

These results are the first national benchmark of Barclay’s journey back to good. We look forward to further developing the academic success of our sixth form students in a new Sixth Form Centre to be opened in 2018.

Sixth Form

Barclay Sixth Form offers a wide choice of academic and enrichment opportunities. Appropriate programmes are designed for each student following consultation with senior staff. Most Year 12 students follow a course of 4 A levels; AS levels; Btec or a combination of all three. In addition all students must complement their academic studies with a well-rounded programme of enrichment activities.

Most students will take these courses into Year 13 to gain their qualification. Ambitious targets are set for each student and high levels of achievement are expected. Barclay expects a high degree of commitment from its Sixth Form students. In exchange, the students should feel an entitlement to high standards from the school. This forms the basis of the Sixth Form Learning and Teaching Contract.

We expect our Sixth Form students to recognise their responsibilities as examples to others in the rest of the school and the wider community. We look to them to set high standards and to involve themselves actively with younger students. This involvement can be in a number of ways: assisting the staff at school functions or within lessons, acting as buddies or mentors for Year 7 students, running after school clubs, or offering time and assistance in neighbouring primary schools.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school for further information. Any parents who wish to share any worries or concerns you may have about your son or daughter’s work and progress at any time should contact Mr Kevin Norwood, Director of Key Stage 5, in the first instance. He will arrange for you to speak to the appropriate member(s) of staff.

Application Process

It couldn’t be easier!  Here is a step-by-step guide to applying to Barclay Sixth Form.

1. APPLICATION: Download and complete our application form (or we will post out a form on request).  Please be sure to check entry requirements for the courses we offer.

2. REFERENCE: If you are not currently a Barclay student we will contact your school for a reference.

3. CONFIRMATION & INTERVIEW: We will send you confirmation that your application has been received and invite you to one of our Interview Days.  At your interview we will discuss your application and subject choices.

4.  INDUCTION:  We will write to you to invite you to attend our Induction to Sixth Form day in the summer term.  Here you will get a taste of Sixth Form life and an introduction to the subjects you have chosen.  You must attend this day if you wish to enroll in the Barclay Sixth Form.  Please note that your application to Barclay Sixth Form is subject to your GCSE results

5. ENROLMENT: We will write to you with details about our Enrolment Days, which will take place after GCSE results. You will be given a date and time slot for your enrolment, please advise us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend or you will put your place at risk.

6. STUDY: Term begins and your studies start.

Admissions Policy
We welcome applications to Barclay Sixth Form from students who meet our entry levels.  Some subjects have their own specific entry requirements so please check.  Further information on the subjects we offer in sixth form can be found in our Sixth Form Prospectus.  Your application is subject to you attaining entry requirements and to the availability of places.

Late Applications:  Applicants who fulfill the entry requirements but whose applications are received after the application deadline will be treated as a lower priority in the initial allocation of places than those applications received on time.

Sixth Form Flyer
Sixth Form Induction Day

The Team

Mr Norwood is Director of Key Stage 5 and is responsible for developing independent learning and co-ordinating the work of student reporting and achievement.

Mrs Cuckson, our Sixth Form Admin Manager, staffs the Sixth Form Office Monday to Thursday and will help you with general administration and practical matters.


Support, Advice and Guidance
We have six Sixth Form tutors who carry out Review & Guidance interviews with individual students on a regular basis and the Student Support Leader who can offer personal counselling where necessary.  The students meet together on a weekly basis, and it is during these meetings that information is given about career matters and higher education. There is also a varied program of outside speakers. Individual contact with a Connexions Personal Adviser is available on a self-referral basis.

16-19 Bursary Fund

The Government has provided a small amount of money for schools to provide support for students who face the greatest barriers to continuing their education in the Sixth Form.  You may qualify for financial help from the Bursary Fund if you meet certain criteria. 

If you would like to apply for this support then please download this letter, complete the attached application form and return it with the appropriate supporting documentation to Mr Norwood.

More information can be found at:   https://www.gov.uk/1619-bursary-fund


The UCAS widget has been designed to link students and their parents to important informaton about higher education and the UCAS application process.

Through simple navigation it’s easy for users to increase their knowledge of the information and advice UCAS has to offer. The content will be reviewed regularly by UCAS so it remains up-to-date and relevant.

Thinking About Going To Uni?

If you are thinking of going to university, you need to download and complete the UCAS booklet below and hand into your form tutor for the 7th September to aid them with your UCAS application.

UCAS Booklet

Medium Term Plans

Academic Year 2016-2017

MTP – AS Art Applied Aut2 (2016-17)
MTP – A level Art Spr1 (2016-17) (Y 12)
MTP – A2 Art Spr (2016-17)
MTP – AS Biology LWA Aut2
MTP – A2 Biology PJO Aut Term (2016-17)
MTP – Y12 BTEC Biol LWA Aut2
MTP – Y13 A Level Chemistry Aut2 2016
MTP – Y12 A level Chemistry Aut2 2016
MTP – A level English Lit TOTS (2016-17)
mtp – a level English lit othello (2016-17)
mtp – a level english lit unseen Yr 12 (2016-17)
mtp – y13 English lit death of a salesman
mtp – A level english lit unseen Yr 13 (2016-17)
mtp – as film studies Aut2 2016
mtp – AS film spr 1 (2016-17)
mtp – a2 film spr1 (2016-17)
mtp – as mathematics (2016-17)
mtp – a mathematics (2016-17)
mtp – a further mathematics (2016-17)
mtp – a2 music (with as music added)
mtp – y13 a physics CBA Aut2 (2016-17)
mtp – as psychology aut2 (2016-17)
mtp – a level psychology aut2 (2016-17)
mtp – a level psychology spr1 (2016-17)
mtp – as sociology aut2 (2016-17)
mtp – as sociology spr1 (2016-17)
mtp – a2 sociology (2016-17)
mtp – a level sociology spr1 ( 2016-17)
mtp – year 13 btec science PJO Aut term (2016-17)
mtp – y13 btec l3 diploma sport assessment plan (2016-17)
MTP – y12 btec l3 nqf sport assessment plan (2016-17)