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The Barclay School – Starting@Barclay

Welcome from The Barclay School to all current Year 6 students.

You can read the school prospectus by clicking here, or by downloading it from the bottom of the page.

If you have already selected Barclay as your secondary school, then we look forward to meeting you next summer for your taster days and we know that you will have a really happy time here when you join us in September. We will be sending you more information in due course.

Joining a secondary school is a really exciting time and you will have the opportunity to enjoy a much wider range of subjects and activities. Sports, music, dance, art, drama, science are some of the opportunities and experiences that are waiting for you at Barclay.

Leaving your primary school and moving to the new, much bigger world of secondary education can feel worrying and stressful. Our aim is to make all our new students feel welcome and safe so that you hit the ground running at the start of Year 7 and make a great start to what will hopefully be some of the best years of your life.

If you are joining us from your primary school there will be a special Taster Day in July when you can visit the school, meet all the other new starters, make new friends and try out some lessons! There will also be a Welcome Evening for parents and students in July when you can both come to learn more about Barclay’s Visions and Values meet staff and form tutors and ask questions.

We hope you find the sections on this website useful and if you are joining us then we look forward to seeing you in September.

Please take careful note of our Barclay Visions and Values which were agreed upon by the whole school and are really important to us…..

For more information on Starting@Barclay please contact

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