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Barclay School Uniform 


From September 2017 we will be introducing new ties for all students.  If you wish to purchase ties these will be available to order via our school supplier (SWI) from September.


From September we will be introducing a dark blue and black knee length tartan kilt. This will be compulsory for all girls in all years.


As an alternative,  black smart straight trousers may be worn.  Please note that any form of skinny trousers, jeans, jeggings, treggings etc. will not be allowed. They must be loose fitting/tailored and smart.


These should be white and button at the neck (for tie) and long enough to tuck in, without slipping out of the waist band.


Black or white socks only. Black or neutral tights for girls (no patterns).


Shoes must be plain with no decoration, flat, black leather, imitation leather, polishable, with the top line/edge below the ankle bone.

Jumpers and Blazers

Black blazers with the Barclay logo (from SWI) are to be worn at all times; with the sleeves not rolled or pushed up.


Coats must be smart and plain, but must not be worn inside the school building. Hoodies, cardigans or similar items should not be worn on the school site or to and from school.

Hair and Headwear

Only natural hair colours are allowed. No extreme cuts or hair designs. Only hair bands in black or navy may be worn. No distracting hair grips or ornamentation are permitted. Headscarves may only be worn for religious purposes and should be black or navy.

Makeup and Jewellery

Makeup should be discrete, that is, not noticeable. No nail varnish, false nails, gel or acrylics are not permitted. One pair of small stud earrings in the ear. No facial/tongue piercings are allowed. Once single bracelet or watch may be worn. Necklaces are not permitted unless for religious purposes and they must be tucked into the shirt.

School Uniform List

School Uniform – please order items marked SWI directly from the online shop of our uniform provider Sportswear International (SWI). Please click here to link to the SWI website.

  • Black blazer with embroidered Barclay logo (SWI)

  • Black School Trousers (Must not be stretchy, skinny, hipster or have logos, exposed zips, buckles or belts – if you are not sure – please ask) (SWI)

  • Blue and black knee length kilt (SWI)

  • Ties must be worn with the logo under the top knot

  • White Shirts – which button at the neck (for tie) and long enough to tuck in

  • Black school shoes – not canvas, suede or trainers (no logos/tags)

PE Kit – please order items marked SWI directly from the online shop of our uniform provider Sportswear International (SWI). Please click here to link to the SWI website.

  • Royal blue Barclay polo shirt with crest – boys/girls (SWI)

  • Royal blue shorts – boys/girls (SWI)

  • Royal/white rugby shirt – boys only (SWI)

  • Cuatro fleece top – boys/girls – no other sweatshirts allowed (SWI)

  • Royal/white long sports socks – boys/girls (SWI)

  • Cuatro track suit bottoms only – no other track suit bottoms allowed (SWI)

  • Trainers (no canvas footwear allowed)

  • Football boots (boys only)

  • Shin pads (boys and girls)

  • Gum shield (school shop)​

All items of school uniform should be permanently marked with students’ name

For new parents (Year 6 starting in September) at the welcome evening there will be a display of the new school uniform here we will have a selection of sizes available to try. SWI will advise parents struggling with sizing to visit the school to try the garments on before placing orders with them. This will hopefully ensure they get the right sized garment at first time of ordering. Please see below the details regarding the weekly school delivery, this will be term time only.