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The Barclay School – Attendance and Punctuality

Every Day and Every Lesson Counts

It is important for your child to be in school to ensure they have the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential.  There must be a justifiable reason for any absence.  A signed letter or signed note in the planner from parents/carers must be provided for unavoidable appointments.  This must be shown to their form tutors to mark on the student database, SIMS.  Letters should make it clear if more than one child is affected by the absence and the expected length of time.

Holidays in Term Time Will Not Be Authorised

Holidays in term time will not be authorised by the Headteacher, as taking time off during term time is proven to have a detrimental effect on students performance and their friendships.  Please check the school calendar carefully before booking your holiday.

For any time off that does need to be taken during term time an ‘Application for Leave of Absence’ form must be completed. These available are available from the main school reception.

Fixed Penalty Notices

Please note that the Barclay School is operating the Hertfordshire County Council Fixed Penalty Notice Scheme from 7th January 2013.

Information regarding late sanctions

At Barclay, we believe it to be crucial that students learn the important life skill of good timekeeping. In addition, we know that students who arrive at school in good time, prepared for the day are in a more positive frame of mind to learn and achieve. Punctuality at Barclay has improved significantly over the last two years, however, there is still a small minority of students who arrive late to school.


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