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‘We strive to make the relationships between all members of

our school community warm, positive and encouraging’

There are nearly 1000 students in our school so we have to have some rules.  All of the rules in our school have been made to make sure that each one of you feels safe, happy and that nothing stops you from achieving.

We have asked for your opinion on many of the rules and we thank you for your contribution.  The Barclay Guide to Behaviour (attached below) will clarify all of the rules so you can be sure not to break them.

Barclay Guide to Behaviour

In lessons

Arrive to lessons on time

Sit where you are told to by your teacher

Bring all of the correct equipment to class

Mobile phones must be switched off and put away in school bags by 8.30am

In the corridors and around the school

Walk on the right

No more than 2 people side by side

Keep moving to where you are going next

Move quietly and quickly – do not wait for friends

Use BOTH doors when in the corridors

Please behave sensibly – no pushing, tripping etc

To and From School

Leave school quietly

Keep to the pavements and be careful when crossing the roads

Please do not push or ‘playfight’

Be mindful of other people and don’t hog the pavements

Smoking is not allowed

No littering

Relationships with others

Nobody has the right to make another student feel unhappy, scared or intimidated. We are all uniquely different and we have the right to be who we are.  The school takes this very seriously indeed.

Very serious sanctions, which could include exclusion from school, are given for the following:


Threatening behaviour that intimidates another student

Swearing and abuse of an adult

Aggressive behaviour towards another student or an adult

Bringing an offensive weapon into school – be it made, adapted or intended.

Bringing alcohol or drugs into school

Interfering with the school’s data and management systems (SIMs)

Misuse of the fire alarm

Starting a fire

Inappropriate use of ICT /Cyber-bullying of staff or students at school or at home

Sexual bullying

Break & Lunch Zones

In order to maintain behaviour and to ensure the safety of students we have set zones around the school to show where students are and aren’t allowed to be at Break and Lunch. You can find the map below.

Corridors that are marked in red, are no go areas. Please look for teachers in the staff room, but do not go down to their rooms if they are in a no-go area.

A red hatched area means it is no go, for example students are not permitted to go on the field during the winter at lunch and break, also students shouldn’t be standing on the islands is the playground, the approriate areas for students to go and eat their lunch are shown below:


Every student is expected to carry the following items in their school bag:


Pencil case (KS4 must also have a clear pencil case for exams)

Black or blue pen (plus spare!)

Coloured pencils / fine fibre tip pens

A highlighter pen


Pair of compasses, protractor and set square


Notebook / jotter

Eraser, sharpener and ruler

Tippex (or similar products) must not be brought in or used in school

Students who do not have the appropriate equipment during checks in form time will receive a sanction.

Textbooks and specialised equipment will be issued on loan and students will be required to pay for any loss or damage to school property.

Homework Sanctions

As from Monday 21st October anyone failing to complete homework by the required deadline will be given a ‘No Homework’ sticker.

This will inform the student that they have to go to IT1 at 8.00am the following day.

Parents/carers will receive a text informing them of this arrangement.

Students will report to KPA at 8.00am and will stay in IT1 until it is time to go to form groups

Unlike Stage 1 detentions, students will be expected to complete homework during their half hour slot.

Students receiving two 8.00am slots will be expected to attend a week of 8.00am slots to ensure that homework is completed.

Any student receiving 2 weeks of such slots will be placed on a strict homework monitoring programme involving parents/carers, tutors and KPA

Any student failing to attend a 8.00am slot will be given a Stage 1 (30 minute) detention in the Dining Room in line with our normal system.

The Barclay School Homework Policy

Homework is work set to complete outside the timetabled curriculum to encourage students to develop the confidence to study independently. The purpose of homework will be to achieve one of the following:

Consolidate or extend work covered in the classroom

Preparation for a learning activity

Practise a skill

Demonstrate progress or understanding of a topic or skill

Homework Timetable

The school has a homework timetable that indicates the day on which homework should be completed. This helps the student to manage their workload, prevents the need for students to prioritise one subject over another and ensures parents/carers know what work their child should be completing that day. Homework can be set by the teacher at any point prior to that homework slot.

The role of the Student

To listen to homework instructions in class.

To copy down instructions for the task and deadline date into the homework diary where required

To ensure that homework is completed and handed in to meet the deadline.

To attempt all work and give their best.

To inform the class teacher of any difficulties.

The role of the Parents/carers

The role of the parent/carer is crucial if a child is to gain success from homework. To reinforce its value through positive feedback will give students the confidence to persevere, work hard and reach high standards of achievement.

Parents/carers can assist by:

Providing a table, chair and a quiet place to work.

Negotiating with the student when homework is to be done as a student’s free play is important too.

Checking the time spent on individual tasks.

Ensuring that outside clubs do not hamper a child’s quality of work and put a child under undue pressure.

Checking presentation and content of all homework being returned to school.

Signing the homework planner each week.

Providing the school with information about any problems through the student planner or by contacting the school directly.

Our Behaviour Policy is located in our “About Us- Policies” Tab.

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