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Student handbook 2018 – 2019

JCQ Notices to Candidates 2018/2019

Information for candidates on screen tests
Information for candidates non examination assessments
information for candidates coursework
information for candidates Written Assessments
information for candidates – controlled assessments
Information for candidates Privacy Notice
Information for Candidates Social Media
Warning to Candidates Poster
No Mobile Phones Poster

Access Arrangements Policy 18/19
Complaints and Appeals Procedure 2018/19
Disability Policy 2018/19
Emergency Evacuation Policy 2018/19
Exam Contingency Plan 2018/19
Exams Archiving Policy 2018/19
Exams Policy 2018/19
GDPR Exam Policy 2018/19
Internal Appeal Procedures 2018/19
Non-Examination Assessment Policy 2018/19
Special Consideration Policy 2018/19
Word Processor Exam Policy 2018/19